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Prince Of Denmark - 8
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Prince Of Denmark - 8
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A1 Intro
A2 Opening Dance
B Neoclassicdub
C1 Desire
C2 Neurobell
D Latenightjam
E1 Tool 517
E2 0R6145
F1 Interlude
F2 Darkspirit Cut
G Cut 06
H1 Miseri
H2 Once With A Smile
I1 Mentalbeam
I2 Squidcall
K1 Ambient 004
K2 Peace
L Pulsierendes Leben
M 8
N Planet Uterus
O 88888888
P Untitled


There are two different versions each of “Interlude”, “Darkspirit Cut”, “Cut 06”, “Pulsierendes Leben” and “Planet Uterus”; some combination of either mixes are pressed onto the vinyl, creating unique listening experiences. Which versions of the songs one will get on their copy of the vinyl is not marked in any way on the packaging, but does confirm Giegling's cryptic press release for the album: "you will never have everything."

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Prince Of Denmark - 8
Performer: Prince Of Denmark
Genre: Electronic
Title: 8
Released: 2016
Style: Dub Techno, Techno, Ambient
MP3 version ZIP size: 1994 mb
FLAC version RAR size: 1899 mb
WMA version RAR size: 1889 mb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 459
Prince Of Denmark - 8.pdf

Best decision of 2016 to be stupid enough to spend 100 Euros on this without knowing anything about the release. Trust!
I discovered this a while ago, it's been annoying me since, so I'm just going to write some thoughts here:The entire beat from "C1. Desire" was taken straight from Marcel Dettmann's "Lattice." No creative sampling or chopping - it's pasted into the track verbatim. It's a nice edit, I like it purely from a listening perspective, but come on... if you're going to commercially release something that takes from another track so exactly and blatantly, give the proper credits. If I was a producer and some other "anonymous" producer did this to my track, something I'd imagine takes a considerable amount of time and emotional investment, I'd feel violated. I don't know what the real case was on the backend, but I know from a label perspective it's easier to just release it and keep it under the radar and hope for the best, rather than try to clear it properly (if even possible). But that kind of mentality towards art feels highly insidious to me. From a production standpoint I think it's lazy. If he were serious, would it really take that long to recreate a reverb'd kick-bass line like the one he took from "Lattice"? I don't think so. Makes me wonder what else POD has ripped.It's just a bizarre scenario to me. This fact has been known for a while now, yet nobody seems to talk about it or seems to openly care that much about it, but I just don't think I could be alone on this. I like listening to PoD's edit ("Desire") but my enjoyment of the track has been tainted by these facts. All this, on top of the absurdly inflated Discogs prices, all the fanboys, the "mysterious (non)image", it's just a bit much.If there's some part of the story I'm completely missing, or if anyone knows some affiliation between Dettmann and POD I don't know about, please correct/tell me. peace
The Diva track is just from a sample pack And oh Yea that brett knacksen Dude also used it. Sadly brett knacksen fucked it up( it's horrible) , Traumprinz nailed it.On the STL, lattice sample/groove Maybe he contacted them. You don't know we don't know. Tool 517 also a sample from a sample pack And Yes macrotech also used it on his routine track. Again macrotech failed, POD nailed it..
i'm about to sound like a stan but w/e: yes traum samples a lot & cribs beat tracks here and there, but he's not a mashup artist. if he were to work from scratch with every track he wouldn't be as nearly prolific, and he happens to recontextualize the samples he uses brilliantly. doesn't affect my enjoyment of this album one bit. also, you guys need to stop bitching about "stealing", this isn't like Natalia's Song.
here one fanboy terribly disappointed by this factnot anymore a fanboy probablyits ok to sample but this is just plain stealing
A good number of giegling tracks are effectively just “edits”.
I don’t remember original tracks, but Tool 517 sound exactly like other track by some artist and GS is based on another.
Sadly this is the only POD release that's missing from my collection. :(
can't actually imagine why :D oh look there is a cheap one for only 420 Australian $...
here's some new stuff from him on his own new label started april 1st 2018:
I played through this once or twice after I first received it and then put it on the shelf, to be forgotten. Recently I was making a little bedroom mix and brought it back out, gave it another whirl... It's a brilliant compilation, and flows so well from start to finish. Only reservation I have is that some of the pressings aren't of great quality, there is some static and some skips on at least 1 or 2 of the records, which is very disappointing. I give "8" no less than an A-. Happy I own it.
Impala Frozen
The static is part of the production, if you listen carefully while watching the record spin you'll see that it doesn't follow the period of rotation.No skips on my copy, sorry to hear yours does.
"Beyond that, personally it is both a caring embrace as it is a testament to a ten-year-long chapter at Giegling, that, with all I'm doing, had been coming to an end for me"
Cant seem to find the digital versions..were they taken down already? I checked (german) itunes and amazon. I have the vinyl but was looking forward to maybe get a few of the "different versions" of these tunes, especially the 19 minutes Pulsierendes Leben and the more subtle version of Cut06. Also, if someone wants to split up his box and sell me those two tracks, send me a pm :-)
Ferri - My name
OK but how does that work? I cant just upload it there. Where did the revenue stream go? Its just so weird...
Yes, they were taken down a few months ago. They were of course not officially released by Giegling but someone just uploaded the ripped version to Amazon and Spotify.
The vocal sample in "Once With A Smile" comes from the untitled closing track of Current 93's album Imperium.
The first sample, "The Lord is my shepherd," is from "Imperium I", also from that album.
repress comes after their have to wait 'till april 2017.i saw it on their february 10th they make the "mistake" and showed the next releases. the planet giegling tour ep, the mind over matter compilation repress, edward - green amber repress, traumprinz 02 & 06 repress, traumprinz - mothercave repress, giegling 01 repress, staub serie 01 & 03 repress,the new giegling 21 from vril - anima mundi, and of course the repress of the 8 album from pod for 100euros..also they offer 2 posters and a magazine.but.... they deleted all and said it was an mistake and we have to wait.
100 euro blah blah blah blah blah 10 words blah
How much did the original release cost from giegling directly?
Yep, that sounds like exactly what the guys were selling last week at VU in London
Ƀ⁞₳⁞Ð Ƀ⁞Ǿ⁞Ɏ
That sounds like what they are selling at most of the stops on the tour.
brb selling family for records and starving everyday just to own '8'
Any info on the Prince Of Denmark "The Body" 3LP repress?
I've heard of countless different track varieties; different lengths and entirely different tunes completely from whats listed on the tracklist. Anyone got any info as to how many varieties or tunes (called the same name but totally different) there actually is?
we need more reviewers like you on discogs!! thanks!!! !
Fantastic reply madius, obviously its extremely difficult to talk about this without hearing the tracks! But yeah really great much appreciated
great post, you should edit it into the release notes here on discogs!
At the time of this post, five songs are confirmed to have alternate versions. Here's my own notation on basic differences, hope it helps:"Interlude"version a: 6:32, 120 BPM; Low tom pattern, dub chord ~0:32, hi-hat ~1:12, eighth note melody ~2:20.version b: 7:08, 126 BPM; Throbbing kick, melody deep in mix, hi-hat/snare ~0:53, moans and growls ~3:46."Darkspirit Cut"version a: 7:38, 124 BPM; Clubby kick, long chord low in mix, organ melody ~1:52.version b: 7:10, 127 BPM; Starts with ambient chord, hi-hat ~1:47, spacey stuff and huge clap ~2:48."Cut 06"version a: 9:09, 127 BPM; Deep kick, resonating metal-like melody, extra perc. ~3:36, clap ~6:05.version b: 9:10, 124 BPM; Thudding kick, blippy melody, low metallic toms ~2:14."Pulsierendes Leben"version a: 7:12, 127 BPM; 16th note percussion, spacey chords.version b: 18:54, 125 BPM; Thudding kick, held chord, two-note bass line, spacey strings ~1:49."Planet Uterus"version a: 12:12, 125 BPM; Beepy bassline, low toms ~1:48, hi-hat ~2:27, electric piano melody ~4:21.version b: 11:27, 125 BPM; Same as version a, but no toms or hat, simply spacey melody ~2:00.A separate MP3 version of this album appeared online in an unofficial capacity; it replaces "0R6145" (6:51, 127 BPM; garage-y rhythm, melody fades in ~0:42, processed sighs ~2:16) with a new piece called "Hacker" (5:56, 124 BPM; chugging rhythm, hi-hat ~1:00, spacey chords ~1:50), and it uses version a of "Interlude" and "Darkspirit Cut" and version b of the others. I have no idea of "Hacker" appeared on a vinyl copy.One last note: some people (incl. those posting tracks to Youtube) have called the version b's listed above "(alternate version)" or something. Just saying I have no preference on naming schemes; just want to keep things straight. Again, hope this helps.
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